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Static caravan houses in England.

Mobile homes and prefab structures are ideal candidates for solar power. In general, manufactured homes have either flat or slightly pitched roofs, which are great for mounting solar panels. 

However, mobile homes are also… well, mobile, and many are used in remote areas. At the same time, you may run into some challenges if the mobile home is located in a community with an association or an area with strict renewable energy regulations. 

Benefits of Adding Solar Panels to Your Mobile Home

Installing a solar energy system on your mobile home has many advantages. Here are just a few of the most significant benefits of solar panels for a mobile home.

Saves You Money

When you begin shopping for solar energy solutions for your mobile home, you’ll notice that the equipment isn’t cheap, but you shouldn’t let that stop you. The right solar power system can set you up with free electricity and save you significant money over the long term.

Even better, the U.S. government wants you to invest in solar so much that they offer various incentives. For example, there is federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which allows you to deduct 30% of the cost of solar installation from your federal taxes. Yes, this also applies to mobile homes. There may also be some state and local incentives for solar energy, depending on where you live.

Energy Independence

Many mobile home owners are attracted to solar energy due to the potential to live off-grid. While prefab homes can connect to the electrical grid like any other home, the Environment and Energy Study Institute found that these homes consume 53% more energy than non-manufactured structures. 

When you use solar power, you break free from the overwhelming costs of electrical grid energy, and being tied to the electric grid has become increasingly unreliable in some areas. You gain peace of mind knowing you have the power you need when you need it. 

Good for the Environment

The summers are getting hotter, and extreme weather events seem to be happening more frequently. If you are concerned about the environment, solar energy for your mobile home is an excellent solution.

Electricity produced by the grid accounts for 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions, but alternative energy solutions, like solar and wind, deliver limitless supplies of energy. Using solar helps you reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the environment, so you can do your part to combat climate change.  

Boost Your Property Value

No matter what type of home you own, you want it to last and hold its value. Installing a photovoltaic energy system on your mobile home will improve your property’s value. 

Many mobile home owners spend a substantial portion of their income on energy bills. Having solar panels in place or creating an off-grid system makes your home more attractive to a large group of homebuyers who are looking for this type of property. 

Challenges Associated with Solar Energy Solutions

While there are many advantages to implementing solar energy solutions with a mobile home, some owners may find that it isn’t for them. A few potential challenges include the following.

Components of a Mobile Home Solar Energy System

If you want to install a solar energy system on your mobile home, you’ll need specific components to make it work. Some DIY kits are available, but their performance is subpar, and you risk damaging your home’s roof and electrical system if you make a mistake. When you work with a professional solar provider, they will ensure you get the right components for your needs. These will include the following.

If you’re interested in a solar energy system for your mobile home, speaking with an experienced installer is your best option. 

Texas Home Solar Can Help You Take Advantage of Solar Energy

If you’re ready to lower your mobile home’s energy bills and increase your property value, reach out to Texas Home Solar! We have more than 12 years of experience in the solar industry, so you can count on us to install an efficient system that will eliminate your energy bills. Our company’s success is built on a foundation of reliability and proven outcomes. Contact us today for more information about solar energy and our solar installation services!

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