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Why You Should Go Solar

Texas Home Solar provides the highest quality solar panel systems for residential homes, including mobile homes. Our panels are engineered to efficiently capture the sun’s energy and convert it into clean, reliable electricity. Our innovative solar panel systems are designed to maximize efficiency, resulting in significantly lower electric bills.

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Use the solar energy calculator to get an idea of the benefits you may see from installing a solar photovoltaic system at home.

Our Solar Power Installation Process

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Arrival and Assessment
Planning and Design
Installing the Rail
Running the Boxes
Mounting the Solar Panels
Final Inspection and Testing

Solar Panel Installation for Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are incredibly energy inefficient. Therefore their energy bills are astronomically high. Fortunately, solar power offers these homeowners the ability to harness the power of the sun to ultimately eliminate expensive energy bills.

Why Choose Texas Home Solar as Your DFW Local Solar Installers

The Team at Texas Home Solar is committed to providing homeowners throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area with properly engineered solar systems to help clients avoid the perils of rising energy costs. 

Unlike our competitors, our team their engineering expertise to calculate the exact number of solar panels you need to achieve maximum efficiency. The result is an economically-friendly and sustainable way to power your home. 

In addition, we provide yearly energy audits to ensure you system is working properly to meet your energy needs. If it’s not, we will tweak your system to get it up to par quickly.

Customer Service and Workmanship Guarantee

We’re so confident in our engineering process that we provide our customers with a 24-year hardware and workmanship guarantee to ensure your system is operating well for years to come. 

Likewise, should your energy audit raise concerns or you ever have issues with your solar panel system, call us. Our local team of experts will provide you with prompt and professional assistance. 

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you are satisfied with your system and its functioning properly to ensure your energy needs are adequately met with solar power.

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